Now and then, in the course of the summer comes the perfect summer day. From sun-up to sun-down, everything is just as it should be. It is neither too hot nor too cold, too wet nor too dry. The high white clouds are not a threat; they merely deepen the blue of the sky. The leaves, the grass, the flowers glow with color that seems to be lit from within. Between you and the horizon lies more than empty space; the air is almost visible. You are aware of it flowing around you, beyond you, above you, vibrant and electric; you swim in it. On such a day it is a joy to believing and breathing.

I do not remember ever hearing a person described as being like a spell of good weather, but there are persons who have that effect upon you. Such people are sunny and serene, never in a dither, never in a fuss. They are not spring lambs who have never known a winter, but wise and weathered, savoring each day as it comes. They accept good times gladly and with gratitude, and bad times without resentment or a sense of injury. It is all life, and life is precious. One does the best one can; for the rest, it is in God’s hands. Such persons are infinitely reassuring to be with. It would be good to be like that oneself. But if that is not possible, pray to know at least one of the blessed ones, who mourn and are comforted, who are humble, yet hold title to the earth and heaven, who walk with God and share His peace with the world.

May your summer have had at least one perfect day.

Shalom, Pastor Dan Congleton, Interim​​​

Pastor's Monthly Message