​What would a list of highlights of the great events of history look like? It would be far too lengthy list to compile and would only scratch the surface of history's most important moments. Which events would you choose for your own top 10 list? With a timeline spanning from before the discovery of fire to beyond the first steps on the surface of the moon, it would be difficult to isolate just the top few great events.

But perhaps it wouldn't be too difficult to come up with Number One event. Ranking right above God's creation of the world would be God's redemption of the world. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is without a doubt the single most important moment in the history of the universe. We call this great event Easter.

It seems that Christians throughout the world recognize this is some way. Easter is the one Sunday of the year when all churches are full. But how many people have truly understood what a life-changing event the Resurrection was? In the resurrection of Christ everything is changed. A new relationship with God has been established and the bonds of sin and death have been destroyed.  When the Easter Event truly becomes part of our lives nothing is the same. Guilt and fear are replaced by joy and thankful praise.

Easter is not one Sunday on  the church calendar. It is the most significant event in history and the most important event in our lives. It has changed us forever. As we enter the church sanctuary every Sunday to celebrate the Easter Event, we should feel overwhelmed by the comprehension of God's great act of love. As we venture out to be in the world we should be humbled and renewed for service and proclamation of the Good News. - Alleluia. Christ is risen!​​


Pastor Ken

Pastor's Monthly Message