Worship Services

We offer three services each week.  Our Saturday evening service at 5:00 is a spoken service with Holy Communion.  It is casual by nature and runs about 25 minutes.  Because of its short length, it is ideal for families with small children or those with older children who have many Sunday activities, as well as those who like to sleep in on Sundays.

Our Saturday 5 PM service is shared with our friends from our neighboring congregation in Wenonah, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church.

Our 8:30 AM Sunday morning Communion service is also a 25 minute spoken, casual service like our Saturday service.  Many find it a good option when they have plans for later in the day.

Our 10:30 AM Sunday morning service is the most like what one thinks of when one thinks of a traditional worship service.  We have a choir, music, sing hymns, and follow the Lutheran liturgy, including Holy Communion.  Still, the service is usually only 45 minutes.